Specific Policies on Schedule of Inspections, Including Policies on Means of Transportation and Meals

The Office of the Director General has recently received reports that runs counter to the current reforms being implemented by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) among the officers and employees to ensure the highest standards of personal conduct and ethical standards in the delivery of service and discharge of duties without fear or favor.  According to the report, some industry regulatory officers or company representatives have been placed in embarrassing and compromising situation when, allegedly, FDA inspectors request or demand that vehicles should be provided going to establishment or suggest that their transportation be paid. The reports received also include expectations from inspectors fro meals to be provided or paid for by the companies.

In the past, similar misunderstanding has also reached the FDA management, but upon investigation the offer bring FDA inspectors to the establishments were actually offered by the industry regulatory affairs officers or company representatives themselves, who are in a hurry to be inspected and received the License to Operate (LTO) in time for the opening of their branches or comply with government bidding requirements, among other hosts of reason.  Offer to partake meals is usually part of Filipino customs and traditions, which the inspectors consider and are sensitive to.


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