Performance of FDA Regulatory Functions, Duties Tasks and Special Assignments

In line with the on-going reforms of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all FDA employees are hereby advised to refrain from mentioning the names of the Director General (DG) as well as the Deputy Director Generals (DDG) when performing their functions, duties,tasks, or special assignments.  When explaining the regulatory nature of the FDA activity, operation or assignment, such as executing cease and desist orders, enforcing ban, recall, withdrawal or closure orders, the appropriate provisions of the FDA laws, rules and regulations on standards and requirements for products or establishments shall be cited.

 Legitimate FDA activities and operations are properly and carefully planned by the different FDA Centers based on the provisions of the law, rules and regulations.  During the course of performing the functions duties, tasks, or special assignment of FDA employees, all establishments are advised to refrain from mentioning the names of the DG and the DDG, or other DOH officials.  This will avoid misunderstanding and will prevent anybody from making any reference to a statement made which might be construed as a means of promoting oneself or to evoke special treatment or accommodation.

All FDA employees and FDA-regulated establishments are hereby requested to report any incidents involving FDA personnel, or other companies, using the name of the DG, the DDG, and DOH officials, in order to gain favors, undue advantage over others, or simply to harass FDA Officers who are performing their duties and responsibilities.  To report any incident or to seek more clarification regarding this matter, please inform FDA using the eReport platform of the Official website (hhtp:// or directly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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